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UTS Transport Services


UTS strives to be the company of choice for Intermodal Drayage by utilizing our own drivers through L & J Transportation, and by fostering a collaborative environment of partnerships, teamwork, and creativity.

 Our goal is to consistently deliver a competitive advantage to our customers through innovative and customized solutions, adding value and setting them apart from their competitors. Our drivers and staff are dedicated to providing first class service in common cargo, flat racks and overweight loads.

Intermodal Services

 International Drayage

 Southest Drayage

 Common Cargo

 Flat Racks

 Vendor Management

 Chassis Management

 Import/Export Triangulation

 Cargo Management and Flow Optimization

 Transport Management

 Cross-docking and Transloading



Common Cargo

 Raw Materials

 Imports and Exports

 Flat Rocks


 Consumer Products

 Overweight Loads

drayage servicesdrayage

Rail Access

UTS specializes in loading and offloading steel products from rail cars. From one of our rail sidings or from inside our warehouse, freight can be transloaded into a container, or onto a truck.

 Shipping by rail may provide cost savings to you compared to shipping via truck.

Rail access is provided to our facility via Norfolk Southern.

UTS can load and unload long length products from rail cars at our rail side or inside our warehouse. We add even more value for our customers by coordinating the necessary permits and delivery for over length and over width loads.

 Heavy weights are one of our specialties.

Our lifts or overhead cranes can load and unload product weighing 45,000 to 50,000 lbs. We have the capability to lift single items weighing up to 65,000 lbs.

rail accessrail loading and offloading


UTS trucking services are tailored to meet each client's needs and specifications.

 Our drayage drivers are capable of hauling Gross Weight of 90,000 lbs. with annual permits.

We've developed partnerships between several Class A rated trucking companies, giving us the ability to provide complete trucking solutions, for our warehouse customers, including:




 Want to use your own carrier? No problem!

We'd be happy to load onto your carrier of choice. Getting the job done right is our #1 priority, and we'll work with you to custom tailor our transport services to fit your specific needs.

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